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Pick Your Poison by Joel S. Hirschhorn by Joel S. Hirschhorn Featured Writer Dandelion Salad June 6, 2011 One of the hardest truths to accept is that for most sources of pain hitting humans there seems to be nothing effective for government to do.  Nowadays, those of us who do not gobble various distractions but work to stay connected to reality see two dreadful condition … Read More

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Washington (CNN) — Rep. Michele Bachmann is looking to a campaign veteran to run her likely bid for the Republican presidential nomination. CNN has confirmed that the congresswoman from Minnesota has signed GOP strategist Ed Rollins to run her campaign, if as expected, she announces her candidacy later this month. "If she runs, I'll help her," Rollins tells CNN, adding that it's "one more round for the old war horse." Rollins was campaign manage … Read More

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