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As is the case with most Democrats, civil discourse is a one way street. Take a listen to the CBC's idea of toning down the rhetoric in American politics: When the TEA Party uses metaphors, the CBC does not. They use rabid, violent, and deliberately provocative rhetoric, as well as the race card, to demonize people who disagree with their policies. They are showing their widespread desperation to keep good black folks on the plantation, which is … Read More

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The US is losing the global information war, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared while appearing before a congressional committee to ask for extra funds to spread US propaganda through new media. Clinton said existing private channels are not good enough to handle the job, naming as rivals Al Jazeera, China's CCTV and RT — which she watches, she added. Clinton was defending her department's budget in front of the House's Committee on For … Read More

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We have no bargaining power with Obama by Ralph Nader by Ralph Nader The Nader Page Aug. 29, 2011 This is the second week of protests, led by Bill McKibben, in front of the White House demanding that President Barack Obama reject a proposed 1700 mile pipeline transporting the dirtiest oil from Alberta, Canada through fragile ecologies down to the Gulf Coast refineries. One […] … Read More

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The Election March of the Trolls by Chris Hedges by Chris Hedges Featured Writer Dandelion Salad Truthdig August 29, 2011 We have begun the election march of the trolls. They have crawled out of the sewers of public relations firms, polling organizations, the commercial media, the two corporate political parties and elected office to fill the airwaves with inanities and absurdities until the final inanity—the […] … Read More

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A lot of news has been coming out of the US, as always. One thing that did catch my eye was the following tweet which has made its rounds in the news cycle:!/TheTweetOfGod/status/106068424182079488 OK, so maybe it was intended as a joke. But I think it makes a serious point about the way Obama is running his admistration. The term compromise DOES NOT mean GIVE REPUBLICANS ALL THEY WANT, which is sadly exactly what Obama is do … Read More


Carney: We're "Fairly Confident" Hillary Won't Run Against Obama Carney: We're "Fairly Confident" Hillary Won't Run Against Obama: RUSH: Folks, there's a new poll out there by CNN. Now, get this. A new poll by CNN, and something called ORC International, and the poll finds 27% of Democrats, I mean that's one in four, 25, 27%, one in four Democrats would like to see their party nominate a candidate other than Obama, 2012. I told you this is going … Read More

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Cindy Noble Cole Another big $$ contributer to Perry gets his way. Red McCombs and his plan: **Texas, which may balance its budget by firing thousands of teachers, plans to commit $25 million in state funds to Formula One auto racing each year for a decade. Four years after motorsports’ most popular series left the U.S., Texas investors including Clear Channel Communications Inc. co-founder B.J. “Red” McCombs are building a 3.4-mile (5.5-kilomete … Read More

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Rick Perry:  Ripped From the Headlines The following are some recent headlines for Rick Perry. Any questions? Email his campaign. Is Rick Perry Dumb? Perry's Texas Has Highest Percentage of Minimum Wage Jobs In The Nation Texas Has Highest Uninsured Rate Texas Cutting $5 Billion From Public Schools "In Texas, we teach both creationism and evolution in our public schools." Maddow discusses Rick Perry's connection to a Christian conspiracy group Perry Says He Hasn't 'Backed Off Anything … Read More

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BOSTON (CBS) – An illegal immigrant from Kenya who was arrested for drunk driving in Framingham recently is reportedly an uncle of President Barack Obama. 67-year-old Onyango Obama was arrested last Wednesday, August 24 after police say he nearly ran his SUV into a police cruiser and later failed several sobriety tests. According to the MetroWest Daily News, he pleaded not guilty at his arraignment Thursday, but he was ordered held without bail b … Read More

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Yeah Right… She meant everything that she said!

(CNN) — Michele Bachmann's press secretary characterized comments by the Republican presidential candidate, when she said Hurricane Irene was a message to Washington, as a joke. "Obviously she was saying it in jest," Alice Stewart told TalkingPointsMemo Monday. Over the weekend, the Minnesota Rep. turned Hurricane Irene into a campaign punch line, … Read More

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