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Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson details her anti-bully proposal she hopes the legislature will pass and be signed by the governor. The proposed legislation reflects a law recently passed in North Dakota. Bloomington Police Sergeant Marty Earley and Richfield student William Voigt discuss the prevalence of bullying and how the legislation could be a deterrent.

Over the past few days, many conservative groups have been making a big deal about Butterball Turkeys being “Halal“.  This is merely Islamaphobia run rampant.  In actuality “Halal” as well as “Kosher” products have become big business, and surprisingly many foods that we eat or restaurants that we eat at in America (such as McDonalds)  provide Halal products either labeled or unlabeled .  Here is a report about how France has seen an increased market share of Halal products, and how Big Business is taking advantage of this growing market.

Kosher/Halal Compliant product label (yes Kosher and Halal are virtually the same thing!)

With 5 million potential consumers, demand for halal food in France is soaring. Industry and supermarket chains are taking notice. But there’s no regulatory body ensuring compliance with religious law. France 24 takes a closer look at this burgeoning market, where profit often supersedes religious concerns.

Now Here’s a Blast from The Past! The Thanksgiving That Almost Wasn’t is not forgotten.  This special, which first aired on November 26, 1972,will bring back childhood memories for us “adult-children” and, hopefully, will light a special place in the minds of todays kids.

Part 1

Part 2