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This shows clearly why the U.S. must attack Iran. Even former Vice President the Dick Cheney was saying many years ago that it was necessary and now the hype is building again. These people have it in for us and must be destroyed.  But in reality, we are being lied to, manipulated, into yet another war.

It’s always amusing when people take a stand as if they have the absolute truth in regards to religion.  In this case Evangelical Christians seem to have found a new “M” word to hate, and this time it’s not Muslims, It’s Mormons!

Now this is not a new conflict, but it has recently been thrusted  into the limelight by Politics. within the last 8 years, 3 high profile Mormons have sought the presidency in the United States.  Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and John Huntsman.  None have been successful yet, but currently the Republican Front-runner for their 2012 Presidential nomination is Mitt Romney.

But the vast majority of Republicans are finding it very difficult to support a Mormon candidiate, hence the calvacade of front-runners who are “NOT” Romney.  One of the most outspoken people on this subject has been Dr. Robert Jeffress of the First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas……..