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Jamaica’s new prime minister says the time has come for the Caribbean country to cut ties with the British monarchy.  In her inaugural address, Portia Simpson Miller said her government’s top priorities would be creating jobs and dealing with the nation’s ailing economy, but complete independence is also on her wish list.  The announcement comes ahead of Prince Harry‘s visit in a few months and celebrations to mark 50 years of Jamaican independence from Britain.

Before You lose Your mind about the title, I’m sure you know that “The Great Satan” is a term commonly used to describe The United States in some parts of the world. But I use it in this sense to demonstrate that many people perceptions about us, have been clouded by theology, political rhetoric, and sometimes outright lies.  So imagine everyone’s surprise when the very same aircraft carrier that had been recently threatened by the country of Iran, not to return through the “Strait or Hormuz” or face a conflict, made news yesterday by saving some captured Iranian citizen’s! A public relations coup for President Obama and the US military.  But i wonder how this rescue played over Iranian TV?