It was only a matter of time before people involved with the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, would begin to cash in….  Well here’s the first one!

( Regardless of your opinion of the verdict, we are all curious as to what the Jurors were thinking during deliberations.  Here  is an insight of what Juror B37 ( who coincidentally signed a Book Deal today with Martin Literary Management, an agency based in Mercer Island, Washington, the firm’s president, Sharlene Martin, said in a statement on Monday)  thought during deliberations.  Watch the exclusive AC360 video below.

Juror B37, The Pet Lover:

B37 is described as a middle-aged white woman who owns many pets. She worked for a chiropractor for 16 years and has two children – a 24-year-old dog groomer and a 27-year-old who attends the University of Central Florida. Both are girls. Her husband has a concealed weapons permit, and while she used to have one, she let it expire.Trayvon Jury

Interesting tidbit: After Trayvon Martin’s murder, she described the protests in Sanford as “riots.”

– Blackberg TV

#Zimmerman Juror #B37: “There were a couple of jurors who wanted to find him guilty of something.”

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