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America‘s mighty military presence around the world is leaving many locals with a bad taste in their mouths… quite literally. The Pentagon is accused of causing massive – and sometimes deadly – pollution. Not just in other countries, but at home too.


Once again, the world had to hear that negotiations between the Greek government and bondholders did not result in an agreement being reached. Stocks slipped on the news, as investors become wearier of constantly hearing that a deal is close. Meanwhile here in the US, news that consumer spending fell flat in December as more Americans saved begs the question of where exactly growth is going to come from.

A beaming bride, a crumbling warehouse — Babylonia Aivaz said it’s a love that will never die, as she exchanged wedding vows with the Seattle building on Sunday.

Aivaz and the 10th and Union warehouse entered into a self-described “gay marriage,” surrounded by friends singing of love and united against displacement in their neighborhood by means of new development.

Aivaz told the crowd of approximately 50 people about her relationship with the building, which is slated to be demolished in a week to make way for a new apartment complex.

In December, she said, she and 16 Occupy Seattle activists linked arms and occupied the warehouse to fight against gentrification and for community space..


According to BusinessWeek, Bank of America is pushing back when offering loan modifications to people who are complaining publicly. The catch is the borrower must stay quiet and remove any previous criticisms of the bank from public records, like tweets or facebook. According to one borrower the bank included this language, “The borrower “will remove and delete any online statements regarding this dispute, including, without limitation, postings on Facebook, Twitter and similar websites,” and not make any statements “that defame, disparage or in any way criticize” the bank’s reputation, practices or conduct, according to documents filed in state court in Phoenix.”

Mike Papantonio appears on MSNBC‘s The Ed Show to talk about Newt Gingrich‘s chances of winning the upcoming Florida GOP primary, and whether Floridians will buy into his “moon colony” plans.

Muslim groups are calling for New York‘s police commissioner to step down because of his appearance in a film they say paints them in a bad light.

Responding on Lou Dobbs Tonight on Thursday, Trotta connected her negative reaction to the President’s policy address with the successful military operation.

In nearly half of the United States, you don’t need any kind of proof of identification to vote. A registered voter merely shows up and casts a ballot. But ahead of the November elections, Republicans are leading the drive to require photo ID cards at polling stations.

As one of only 3 people with a national U.S. holiday, it’s sad that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has been reduced to Twitter hashtag. Here are some little (and not-so-little) known facts about the man, the day and the meaning behind it all.

Agents with Israel‘s spy agency have posed as CIA agents in operations to recruit members of the Pakistani group Jundallah, according to a report in Foreign Policy magazine.

Using US dollars and passports, the agents passed themselves off as members of the US’ Central Intelligence Agency in the operations, according to memos from 2007 and 2008, said the report which was published on Friday