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“Three Atlanta-area counties have filed a lawsuit claiming that British bank HSBC cost them hundreds of millions of dollars in extra expenses and damage to their tax bases by aggressively signing minorities to housing loans that were likely to fail.

The Georgia counties‘ failure or success with the relatively novel strategy could help determine whether other local governments try to hold big banks accountable for losses in tax revenue based on what they claim are discriminatory or predatory lending practices.

Similar lawsuits resulted in settlements this year worth millions of dollars for communities in Maryland and Tennessee.”*

HSBC is being sued by three Atlanta counties for predatory loans sold to minorities. What tactics did they and other big banks use before and during the housing boom? And who is being punished now?

Hovering towards the top of the US Chamber of Commerce‘s anti-everything agenda is their attempt to block US citizens from being able to take mega corporations to court when those corporations kill, cripple, and maim consumers with their products. They claim that so-called frivolous lawsuits filed by consumers are causing our court systems to become backlogged, and that they make costs go up for everyone. But behind closed doors, the Chamber is actually helping some of their favorite corporations file frivolous lawsuits against anyone they can. Mike Papantonio talks about the Chamber’s lawsuit hypocrisy with Linda Lipsen, CEO of the American Association for Justice.