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President Obama has sent Afghan President Karzai a letter of apology for the burning of The Koran at a U.S. military base as the violent protests continue on for a third day.(Video #1)

The horrible ironic part to this story is, just a few years earlier, US Troops burned hundreds of Holy Bibles in an effort to respect Afghan authorities, and to prevent Troops from trying to convert Muslims to Christianity.(video #2)

Ya Know as things go, I’m a pretty open minded guy.  I believe everyone has the right to believe what they want…. within reason, and I usually don’t reject peoples arguments but Victoria Jackson, is not only just plain stupid, but a liar as well.  I doubt that she believes the newest information that she is spreading.  How could she? But I suppose in a propaganda war, truth doesn’t matter.

Patriot Update/Politchick’s writes……..

Victoria Jackson gives an account of the briefing she attended at the House Office Longworth Building. The briefing was given by an ex-FBI agent. He showed pictures, names, dates, Islamic law books, Korans and Surahs. Victoria shares how the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our highest positions in government and how they are working with Hilary Clinton to get ‘Islamophobia‘ punishable by law.

Well, I’ll say this for Victoria Jackson, she took a page out of Glenn Becks handbook, and spewed some crazy-ass shit, which got her name and her show in the news.  The best free advertising in the world.