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Cases like Republican Rob Portman coming out for gay marriage only AFTER finding out his son is gay is the perfect example of the Conservative mindset and their inability to show empathy for anything that isn’t directly happening to them..


In this week’s address, President Obama says that Congress should act to keep our nation moving forward by keeping taxes low for 98 percent of Americans, cutting red tape so responsible homeowners can save about $3,000 a year on their mortgage by refinancing at lower rates, and creating a veterans jobs corps to help our returning heroes find work.


“An Arizona bill that creates a high school course for public and charter school students that teaches the Bible and its role in Western culture is headed to the Republican Gov. Jan Brewer‘s desk for approval…”.*

The ruling by a three-judge panel Tuesday could clear the way for elections, if none of the nine groups contesting the state’s political districts files an appeal.

Mike Papantonio appears on MSNBC‘s The Ed Show to talk about Newt Gingrich‘s chances of winning the upcoming Florida GOP primary, and whether Floridians will buy into his “moon colony” plans.

In nearly half of the United States, you don’t need any kind of proof of identification to vote. A registered voter merely shows up and casts a ballot. But ahead of the November elections, Republicans are leading the drive to require photo ID cards at polling stations.

Ohio has 16 new congressional districts thanks to the post-census redistricting process. But is it merely a conincidence that 12 of the new 16 districts favor Republican candidates?…

The GOP’s support of the defense spending bill and how it only benefits the wealthy one percent of the nation.

Video of Michele Bachmann trying to get her photo op in with an 8 year old . It’s hard to hear but he leans in and tells her that his mom is gay and she doesn’t need fixing. GO ELIJAH! Love that look of shock she gets.
We were there for an Occupy Myrtle Beach event to mic check Michele Bachmann on another issue. The lgbt issue came up separately. #Occupymb

Michelle Bachmann tries to recover from little Elijah’s encounter

In a Fox News interview with Greta Van Susteren 2012 Republican Presidential candidate said that Donald Trump and Rick Santorum were on her list of possible VP choices should we win the GOP primaries to face President Obama.